We are busy restoring the old Barn and former Robbie Burns Pub at the Egremont Village Inn! Built in the 1840's, this building is on the National Historic Registry and was formerly home to a number of business and community activities included the music venue and bar the Robbie Burns Pub in the 1980, an antique store and a yoga studio.

Check out the gallery of imaged of the first stages of our Barn Restoration! 

Our plan is to use the space for 3 things: 

  1. As a bar and entertainment venue that will present Jazz, Classical/Opera Acoustic Pop, Spoken Word, Cabaret, et al... It will be open only until 11pm so we don't keep anybody up late or disturb the community.
  2. As a community resource that will be available to Berkshire County residents who want to use the space to teach classes, hold meetings, or throw an event during the day. 
  3. As a special event venue.

A great example of what we are planning is THE PHELPS BARN in Grafton, VT! CLICK HERE TO SEE

What you get out of supporting us:

  1. Get a great community resource.
  2. Get a place to come relax, have a drink and listen to some great music.
  3. Help save a historic structure.
  4. Help stimulate the local economy in sustainable, enjoyable,  creative, and cultural way.
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If you wish to see the documents currently submitted to the ZBA, Zoning Board of Appeals, click here.